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  • Tam, Chul Kon

Creating a sweeter future through spirit of innovation!

Greetings to our customers! Thank you for visiting our website.

For more than 64 years since its establishment in 1956, our group has operated on a single philosophy, which has been embedded in our minds. That philosophy can be summarized as,"Different is beautiful."

Within our company, we refer to this as 'Only Orion'. Both ideas and actions must be distinctive.

Believing that being different is being competitive, we seek for unique business styles that differentiates us from the others.Therefore, we remain as pioneer in the market and invite competitions.

While everyone else believed that food manufacturing was limited to domestic consumption, we expanded our business worldwide, thinking it would become a global industry. 10 production bases, In 2019, Orion recorded sales of USD 1,735.8 million and operating profit of USD 281 million. Hitting the record high operating profits since its establishment

We would never have come this far if it was not for customers’ support. For more than 64 years, your support was our sole motivation for acceleration and innovation.

We will continue to develop overseas business. I believe this is the way of repaying for our customers’ loyalty.
						We will constantly aim for the future and continue to satisfy our customers with our best products and results. Thank you.

The Chairman of  Orion Group Tam, Chul Kon