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  • Tam, Chul Kon
  • Kang, Weon Kee

Innovator ORION!! ONLY ORION!!

Greetings and welcome to our website! I want to thank you for your continued encouragement and support.

Since its establishment in 1956, Orion has directed attention to developing and consolidating our internal capacity rather than external growth. Foremost, Orion devoted unparalleled energy to ensure‘Food Safety’, which is the essence of our business.
						"We will not make something which we cannot recommend to our families with confidence."We wanted to be able to say this to ourselves with sincerity and honor.
						This is the foundation of our company.

Over the years, Orion has launched new brands such as 'Dr. you' and 'Market O' to fulfill customers' needs for health, function, nutritional balance, nature, wellbeing, etc. This distinctive brand lineup has allowed us to optimize competitiveness to the fullest. Moreover, we have constructed factories in China, Russia, and Vietnam in order to fully localize and become globally competitive.

Orion has become a world-class confectionery company after its countless efforts in the overseas market for more than 20 years. To repay our customers‘ support and love,

Everyone at Orion will move towards ‘Only Orion’ with positive energy.

We ask for your continued encouragement and support as Orion progresses towards greater future. Thank you. 강원기

Director of Board of Trustees, Orion Kang, Weon Kee