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Orion Group, Orion Corp.

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Orion Corp., Orion Snack International Corp. 13, 90 Da-gil, Baekbum-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-715 Korea TEL : 82-2-710-6000 FAX : 82-2-719-2582
Directions to Orion Headquarters
BY SUBWAY / Line 1 - Get off at Namyeong Station, turn left at the exit              Walk about 7 minutes towards the Yongsan Electronics Arcade Go under the overpass leading to Yongsan Electronics Arcade Orion Headquarters / Line 4 - Get off at Samgakji Station, find the direction to Yongsan Elementary School (Exit 6 of Subway Line 4, and Exit 8 of Subway line 6), then turn left at the exit Cross the overpass over Subway Line 1 Orion Headquarters.
By Bus - After getting off at Yongsan District Stop, find the way to Samgakji. After passing by the Yongsan Registration Office, you will arrive at the Orion Headquarters.
By Car - Drive towards Namyeong Station              Drive straight towards Yongsan Electronics Arcade or drive on Wonhyo Avenue towards the War Museum. After passing the Yongsan Registration Office, you will arrive at Orion Headquarters.