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Becoming ‘World-class’ Think ‘Smart’, act ‘Strong’ These are the fundamental principles of Orion family.


The concept of ‘Smart’ can be summarized as ‘Upward standardization centered on core capacities’. By focusing only on the core values, maximum qualitative effects can be achieved. For instance, even the global leading companies have been focusing solely on their specialties, which is very significant. The IT enterprises, such as Dell, Sony, and Microsoft have been concentrating on R&D and marketing instead of production outsourcing.

Coca-Cola once expanded their beverage production lines. However, after noticing the competitiveness downfalls, they decided to concentrate only on their leading product, Coca-Cola. Orion has been practicing the ‘Smart’ management method for over 20 years.

The OMP(Orion Merchandising Program), a smart sales strategy that allows customers to receive goods on time at a preferred place, has been put into practice since the late 1980s.

Orion’s BPR(Business Process Re-engineering) was introduced in the early 1990s. This has created a working condition where only the essential and practical work processes, ranging from production to sales, was conducted. In addition, the development of the

 ABC(Activity Based Costing system) derived faultless assessments of profit and loss account structure. Also, ABC has allowed effective selection of leading products via product profit analysis. This ‘Core Brand Strategy’ not only helped decide the core products but also perfected our ‘Smart’ management method.

1. Determining what should or should not be done and doing what must be done.
‘Smart’ starts from reconsidering why we are doing and what we are doing. ‘Smart’ can be defined as taking only the necessary actions after analyzing the pros and cons of the possible end results. Also, by eliminating the unnecessary tasks, both system and processes are simplified.This will enable easier and more efficient task processing and yield upward standardization for higher standards.

2. Finding the 20% core capacities.
"The core 20% decides the remaining 80%." What is the 20%? The 'Core Brand Strategy' is a typical example. It is eliminating 80% of the products that draw red figures and finding the core 20%. The power of 20% will take control of the overall sales and profits even when the remaining 80% is absent. It is needless to hold all 100%. The core 20% is all you need. ‘Smart’ is not doing much, but doing only the core necessities.

3. ‘Give up and then never give up’ instead of ‘Never give up’.
The similarity of globally successful companies is that their business is not quantitative but smart. They concentrate on the core brand. They focus on concentration rather than dispersion. ‘Smart’ is deciding what to do and what not to do. If it is not worth much of a valuable, it should be given up. It is needless to continue what must be given up. Only the promising cores must survive.


‘Strong‘ means solid and healthy. Orion's ‘Strong’ management pursues fun workplace, progressive challenge, and a healthy organization that stays ahead of competition.

‘Smart’ is using the brain or strategy for higher standards, whereas ‘Strong’ is the mindset and physical strength that carry out actions. This represents the higher standard of a corporate culture.

Orion's pursuit, ‘A company with many happy employees’, is a part of ‘Strong’ management. If Orion builds a company that has many employees who enjoy coming to work every morning, who love the company and its products, who is passionate to make new challenges, and who receive reasonable rewards for their endeavors, 'World-class’ Orion will be achieved.

‘Strong’ is the mindset. A ‘Strong’ mindset enables us to bring our minds together for a common goal. ‘Strong’ management is our know-how for competing against other multinational companies. Unlike western companies, mind and emotion take a large part of our company. Orion's ‘Strong’ management is not just teamwork, but a corporate culture that harmonizes truthful consideration, cooperation, trust, and sacrifices.

1. Working happily with the ‘Want to do’ spirit.
Our mindset has an enormous power. Based on our determination, we may achieve either 1,000% or merely 10%. Heading out with a happy and future-oriented mindset is completely different from not doing so. The keyword to success is our mindset. If we start our day doing what we want to do, we can achieve higher standards. And this is something that those who do ‘What they have to do’ can never follow.

2. Making a performance-oriented organization with higher standards.
A company that aims only for average performances to just get by can never become ‘World-class’. A strong organization equally distributes opportunities to everyone, but the rewards are only given to those with outstanding performances. In order to better implement this, MBO(Management by Objective) program was introduced since 1997.

3. MT&R (Mutual Trust and Respect)
Orion emphasizes 'MT&R' as Orion’s corporate culture. It is having a humble attitude by admitting the differences among human beings. Leaders shall take initiatives to do troublesome tasks while distributing favorable duties to subordinates. Also, compliments make relationship smoother and sounder. ‘MT&R’, compliments, and encouragements among colleagues build pleasant work environment and healthier organization.

4. Never be satisfied until you reach the ultimate goal.
“As long as we do not give up, dreams will ultimately come true.” This is the Orion spirit. ‘Strong’ organization has many workers who are dedicated to overcoming difficulties and recognizes such workers. As an organization keeps its passion and ‘Can-do’ spirit, even the seemingly impossible goals can always be achieved. ‘World-class’ Orion is possible only when we understand that success is not given but achieved.